Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Virus Has Me Down

A virus got hold of the church email server and started spewing harmful spam. I and my colleagues are in an uproar.

We can't trust that emails we send will be received and we are not sure if we're receiving emails that are sent to us. Our IP address has been "blacklisted". Despite the efforts of our IT crew, a few email exchanges still have us on the blacklist, including Google.

This means that anything that we send to a gmail account or an email that is routed through a gmail account is bouncing back. I have enjoyed the convenience of having my church server email address hooked to my Google account. That relationship is on hold. We may get back together after we take a break from each other.

Photo by Sherry Parker
I am coping by reading emails on the church server, but only sending emails through gmail. Sheesh.

This afternoon I am asking, how did it get this way? I remember where I was sitting, in front of my desktop Mac, when I created my first email address back in 1994. I had to find people to send emails to. Twenty years later and I'm halted in my daily work. Phones could be down and I would be less inconvenienced!

I have heard that people take intentional "unplugged" vacations. What a wonderful idea for retreat, disconnecting, not searching a small screen for emails or checking updated statuses with political tirades and cat hijinks. 

Like it or not, I have an "unplugged" afternoon ahead of me. It's not vacation; I'm on the clock. 

The clock has a face with numbers around the perimeter. The hands seem to be slowing. 

There is a book beside me, a book with paper pages. I have a pen, too.  

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