Friday, May 4, 2012

Youth and Young Adults at General Conference

Near the end of the morning session, a young adult made a statement to the Gerneral Confernece.  She began by describing how she had been blessed by new relationships and experiences over these last two weeks. She went on to describe how the voices of young adults and youth, elected by their conferences, have been disregarded and silenced. Ironically, following her statement there was motion to reopen legislation to include a youth/young adult on the committee for oversight and strategy. The delegates chose not to consider the motion. 

At FUMC of Brighton, we elect youth and young adults to committees as directed by the Discipline.  It have we truly done our part to hear the voices of youth and young adults?

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  1. I found involvement in conference activities as a youth very interesting and spiritually moving. Are our youth involved in conference level activities?