Thursday, May 24, 2012

"We can't rule the Earth, because human beings are unruly."

I went to see the movie Avengers today. This is not my normal movie fare, but I am hosting a pastor from Liberia and this was his pick. So, being a good host, I went along and sat through two hours of punches, kicks, crashes and explosions.

I spent a lot of my time thinking about the art of sound effects. Who thinks up what the flight of a superhero should sound like? Who knows what it sounds like for The Hulk to jump from building to building smashing everything in sight? Someone must because the theater was full of the sounds of destruction.

There were several lines that made me laugh out loud and a short scene that was definitely about anti-nuclear proliferation. But mostly people just jumped or flew around destroying or being destroyed. Interestingly, there was very little blood and no one seemed to be affected by the concussions they suffered every fifteen minutes.

But the best came at the very end of the film, after most of the credits had gone by. The scene changed from earth to a far off planet floating out in space. Two bad guys were discussing the unfortunate events of the day at the hands of the good guys, The Avengers. Their plans for world domination had been foiled. One said to the other, "We can't rule the Earth, because human beings are unruly."

Well, if their only exposure to humanity was The Avengers, they were certainly right. I've never seen so much destruction done in the name of saving planet Earth. But I think they were on to something bigger in their observation. Humanity is unruly.

In our Wesleyan tradition we would consider that the result of free will. God gives us the gift to freely choose who we will follow. And the person we trust the most to follow is us. Even if we say we're following someone, a political candidate for example, we are following to meet our own needs.

I wonder if God came to the same conclusion as the alien bad guys a long time ago. These human beings are unruly!

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