Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Volunteers at General Conference

Along with the monitors (mentioned in a blog post below), there are many other volunteers needed to help General Conference run smoothly. Volunteers from all over the host conference, Florida, serve as greeters and guides. Many choirs and bands have traveled from all over the US and the world to offer their talents. The choir from First United Methodist Church of Plymouth, Michigan performed at the lunch break ( picture below) and at the evening worship service. 
Another group of volunteers work as pages. Pages help to count votes during legislative committee meetings. In addition, pages pass messages for delegates while they are in plenaery session. Applications for pages are taken in the year before the General Conference. Volunteers can come from any  annual conference. Rev. Mike Seymour, a retired member of the Detroit Annual Conference, is working as a page. 
Marshals are volunteers that protect the bar of the conference, making sure that only authorized delegates are seated. 

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