Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Morning at the Medical Clinic

This morning I decided to see a doctor for a sore throat and cough that I have had for the last week. I discovered that the General Confernece organizers had pre-arranged doctor appointments for delegates at a local clinic. They also provided rides to and from. The clinic, located in an older part of the city, was very busy and I heard several of the people seated in the waiting area talking about having no insurance. The staff was energetic and appeared to treat everyone with kindness. 

I talked to the nurse and doctor about being from the UMC conference. They said that they had seen many patients for symptoms like mine. In addition, some of our delegates from Africa have come in, not for acute symptoms, but for chronic conditions. The doctor worried that despite the identification of chronic conditions that would be treated with regular medication in this country, those diagnosed would not be able to receive regular treatment and medications when they returned home. 

Bronchitis and a trip to the doctor are an inconvenience for me today. I cannot imagine having a chronic condition that can reduce the quality and length of my life and knowing that I will return home to no treatment. 

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