Friday, May 4, 2012

General Conference Session Extended

As I write this, it is after 10:00 pm and the General Conference is still in session. The late night session has been the result of the adopted restructuring plan being declared unconstitutional. (Not only did the Judicial Council call the plan unconstitutional, but went further to say that it was so flawed that it was unsalvagable.) Some delegates worked to get the plan referred for further work. That motion was tabled. Then the delegates worked to get a structure in place that would work with the previously adopted budget. When that was done, the session was recessed for 1/2 hour while the financial implications were worked out. 

The presiding bishop has said that the session will go no later than 11:15 pm. We'll see how much we'll get done by then. 

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  1. Following the progress of the GC2012 has been very interesting, but the way the conference has ended seems to leave a lot of things up in the air. Are you planning to have an organized discussion when you return? I would love to be part of it.