Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Difficult Return to Church

I was the first one to arrive at First UMC of Brighton on Sunday morning, May 6. As is the habit of our staff, the first person to arrive turns on lights and unlocks doors. I was heading down the staircase near the sanctuary to unlock doors, when I lost my balance and fell down a flight of stairs.

I landed with my head against the metal frame of the staircase landing and my feet propped up on the first step. I lay there for a while, catching my breath. Then I assessed the damage. I had a large "egg" on the back of my head, a sore hip and abrasions on my shin and knee. I got up and hobbled my way back up the staircase. Deacon Loretta took me to ER where I spent the rest of my morning.

Since then, a few more injuries have come to light. That's understandable. I did a classic roll down the staircase and I hit hard in a number of places.

Today, I am still recovering, feeling sore and stiff.

It is times like these that the church is at its best. I give thanks to Pastor John and Deacon Loretta for "carrying on" with power and grace. I am thankful to Donna Thompson for getting me home. I am thankful to the many who have prayed for me and those who have provided meals!!

Years ago, I decided to stop fighting against the gracious gifts of others. When I need help, I remember that receiving is as important a practice as giving. We give to celebrate the living presence of God's reign. We receive and know God's gracious love is present.

It is my prayer that I am able to spend more time giving than receiving. My prayer is also that I remain gracious, whatever the circumstances.

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