Monday, April 30, 2012

Rallies, Protests and Pamphlets

On Saturday afternoon, there was a rally protesting the detention of undocumented immigrants. Speakers talked about the conditions of those jailed for being in the United States without proper documentation. Over 500 people attended the rally. 

There have been several rallies during the General Conference, either raising issues or urging delegates to vote to support various issues. Outside the convention center, many people wait with newspapers, pamphlets and handouts from unofficial groups and coalitions within the UMC. People also walk among the crowds carrying signs or stand in silent lines, shoulder to shoulder, showing their solidarity on an issue.  

It has been my habit to say, "No, thank you" to the pamphlets and keep walking. On Friday, after I had said no to several people, another offered a flier and, motioning to others holding papers, said, "You can take this one, we're opposed to what they stand for."

With all the "noise" surrounding General Conference, I am wondering how delegates are making prayerful, well-considered decisions.

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