Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Our United Methodist Seminaries

I had the opportunity to visit with seminary students from Clairmont Theological School. 

Okay, I had a motive. I wanted to convince them to serve in the Detroit Conference or to be an ambassodor for us back in California.  I had help. Elbert and Dawn Dulworth (Elbert was recently appointed the District Superintendent of the Marquette District) and Ang Hart (Conference for Director of Youth and Young Adults) came along.    

The three students came from various backgrounds and were in school with different goals. One was working on an MA and heading toward a PhD. Her goal was to specialize in Christian/Islamic dialogue and she is currently studying the history of Arab Christianity. Another woman is workig toward a degree in counseling. She is a life-long United Methodist who studies at the seminary nearest to where her naval career spouse is stationed. The third is on the Elder track in the California-Pacific Conference with an emphasis on campus ministry. The days of the traditional MDiv to Elder movement are over, 

The students talked about pursuing specific calls and minitries. And we talked aboout the diverse opportunities in the Detroit Conferenc. What we had in common was a heart for transformatinal minbistry.  What a blessing to find our commonalities and to be able to "sell" the Detroit Conference. It was a treat to hear the dreams and aspirations of seminary students. I've met a few other seminary students from other UM schools in my time here. I am very hopeful.

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